Six Months EP

by T & The Wonder

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The second release by T & The Wonder, Six Months EP, attacks indie/pop with a more somber approach. A small string section accompanies the band, adding a somewhat dramatic element to the sound, and a few field recordings taken around Nantucket can be heard at various points on the EP. With Six Months EP, the band finds their stylistic focus yet continues to experiment within its perimeters. The finished result is a brief but fitting soundtrack for the segue into autumn.


released April 26, 2011

* * *

Album written, arranged and produced by:
T & The Wonder

T & The Wonder is:
Tavis Balkin & Patrick McCormack

* * *

Tavis Balkin – vocals, bass, glockenspiel

Patrick McCormack – vocals, electric, acoustic, and resonator guitar, piano, glockenspiel, auxiliary percussion, programming, engineering, mixing

Matt Kaufman – drums, percussion

* * *

Additional Musicians:

Cara McSoley – violins
Melody Olson – violins
Steven Mui – cello

* * *

Drums, Bass, Cello, some Violin and some guitar tracked at Paragon Studios Chicago with Joe Connors.

All addition instrumentation, vocal recording, editing, and mixing at Patrick McCormack's home studio.

Tracks mastered by Jamie Carter at Carterco Recording in Chicago.

Album cover photograph by Patrick McCormack
Album promo watercolor art by Tavis Balkin

Copyright © T & The Wonder 2011



all rights reserved


T & The Wonder Chicago, Illinois

T & The Wonder is an indie pop duo that manages to construct sturdy chamber pop melodies while living on two different coasts.

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Track Name: Old Brick Roads
On your best behavior
setting traps
numbers on a mailbox
words on a map
all of your apologies
sound less sincere
floating through the air like smoke
they disappear
they're just words
they're not tangible

old brick roads
cobblestone paths
can't convince me to stay
i'm a skipping stone this morning
i'm going away
tried to crack into your shell
it didn't turn out so well
old brick roads
cobblestone paths

pieces of the scenery
become unglued
but still you beckon to me
like you always do
it's an exercise
in futility

like a hurricane
drifting out to sea
Track Name: Expat
Chords of discontent
shake you at your core
Watch the planes as they leave the strip
and you feel the freezing cold
already, summer's gone
spare me the pleasantries
photographs of yesteryear
pent up at the embassy

travelers cheques and cigarettes are packed
am I
saying it correctly, thought I'd ask
since you're an expat
back in the states

maybe a sabbatical
bull fights and quaint cafes
buried in Rosetta Stone
paid off at the night soiree
delusions of grandeur
to think someone gave a fuck
looked like it was blossoming
then again, she made it up
Track Name: How Do You Do?
Disingenuous at best
you tell such pretty lies
appearing catatonic
the jokes on me, you're doing fine
where it stands now
so difficult to sympathize
when you won't
let me on your side

how do you do
how do you do the things you shouldn't do
when everyone of us is counting on you
I told you time and time again, it's true
how do you do

your siren call enticed me
until it turned into a dream
now when you yell my name
it's reminiscent of Howard Dean
remember when you were cold
my sweater stayed with thee
my unrequited love
your A to bourgeoisie
Track Name: Six Months
In the town of dead piano keys
I can't believe all the melodies that sprouted
when making it out seemed doubtful
most of the time
I made a point to collect my things
but my return wasn't so long after departure
it seemed to me when we got there
and I knew
the mid-winter of late '06
2007, the summer, and so on after
I remember
I said December would keep me forever
all the miles in the same small car
behind the glass where the pictures are
I can see it clearly
off come the sandbags and we are nearing the ground

Never imagined I could leave
I'd been weaving baskets underwater
with your daughter
while the trees shed their clothes
first signs of winter color your cheeks
but I'm stuck for weeks in an indian summer
with a drummer
who will never leave the show
faces never look the same for long
a collection of cardboard kisses and deadweight
leaving me toothpaste
to eliminate the taste
if home is where the heart is, I
lost my heart years ago, thereby
releasing me, blind, into the night
of a red metropolitan sky