Corsage (Single)

by T & The Wonder

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A lot has changed for T & The Wonder as of late. Parting ways in Chicago to live on separate coasts has made recording a challenge. With a three hour time difference between us, throwing around ideas and coming up with demos has been made all the more difficult. We knew that we had to take what little time we had in the same state and get to work. So it was during the last week in December in the sleepy town of Essex, Vermont that we began tracking for our next release.

Writing and recording in between holiday obligations and reworking some ideas that had been kicking around for over a year, this digital 7” (Side A: “Corsage” / Side B: “Vespa”) is the finished product of our efforts. The sound is distinctly different - the live drums and string section have been traded in for synthesizers and spare use of programmed drums to create a somewhat understated vibe - but the themes and overall style remain intact. The finished product is a DIY effort that both of us are pretty excited about. We hope you enjoy.


released January 28, 2012

Songs written, arranged and produced by:
T & The Wonder

T & The Wonder is:
Tavis Balkin & Patrick McCormack

* * *

Tavis Balkin – vocals, bass

Patrick McCormack – vocals, electric guitar, live and programmed drums, piano, synthesizer, glockenspiel, auxiliary percussion, programming, engineering, mixing

* * *

All instrumentation, vocal recording, editing, and mixing done at Patrick McCormack's home studio.

Tracks mastered by Jamie Carter at Carterco Recording in Chicago.

Watercolor cover art & page design by Tavis Balkin



all rights reserved


T & The Wonder Chicago, Illinois

T & The Wonder is an indie pop duo that manages to construct sturdy chamber pop melodies while living on two different coasts.

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Track Name: Corsage
Can you depend on people
or are you just a misanthrope?
when all your lost love
makes it impossible to cope
the bike paths of your past
are difficult to let go

Did you forget about the village?
did you forget about the town?
does the future disturb you
now that all you have left is the sound
of a lot of empty talking
and the legs that keep walking?

You write me
I call you
what more can I say
these goddamn words
only fill space

Is the neighborhood different?
the place where you were raised
it still looks like home
but the feelings about it have changed
there are no constants
even if we want them

Is the corsage dried out?
the one that was packed away
with the empathetic gestures
and the tired old cliches
you are a shell of a person
a portrait of depression
Track Name: Vespa
If I had a vespa I would
drive up to your house and I could
kiss you on the cheek and we'd then
hang out for the weekend
but I don't

We could talk about how I had
changed my life direction and just
moved out of the city to a
place where things are pretty
I don't know

We could take a trip down to the
coast of Connecticut and we'd
stop off for a Fresca going
thirty-five on my Vespa
down the road

I can feel
your hands
your hands
around my waist
your hair
your hair
it's all
across your face

When I think it's not a possibility
I want to leave
I want to leave

Living in the moment we would
forge a life together and we'd
send our loved ones letters
every day a little better
than before